Newman Catholic Community at RIT

Article 1 – Name

The name of the organization shall be Newman Catholic Community at RIT.

Article 2 – Mission

The purpose of the Newman Catholic Community at RIT is to offer a home for the RIT Catholic community where all are welcome and invited to know God’s love and mercy so that we can offer hope here on campus and in the world in which we live and work.

Article 3 – Community Membership

Membership is open to all students, faculty, staff. Any faculty, staff or local resident (and their family) who wishes to register or identify as a member of Newman is a welcome member.

Article 4 – Officers

Section 1
Vice President
Chair of Community Life
Chair of Service and Outreach
Chair of Freshman Welcoming and Outreach
Chair of Spirituality and Liturgy
Chair of Media and Communications
Chair of Collaboration with NTID

Section 2

To act as official liaison and spokesperson for the Catholic community with the Chaplain of the Newman Community at RIT. To preside over Executive Board and Newman meetings. To aid in planning and to participate in Newman Catholic community activities. To carry out duties delegated by the Newman Catholic Community.Vice President:
To take the place of the President when they are unable to be present. To aid the committee chair in the planning of events and activities. To report on the progress of the committees to the President. To aid in any paper work that may be required to be completed. To receive and act upon amendments to the constitution.

To record the minutes of all Newman Catholic Community and Executive Board meetings and submit in a timely manner. To arrange for the distribution of minutes from previous meetings to members. To promote activities and upcoming events via bulletin boards, email, etc.

Chair of Community Life:
To provide opportunities to spend time with one another in building community.
To decide upon social activities with the specific goal of encouraging unity within the Newman Catholic Community at RIT. To designate leadership for each social activity. To encourage student participation by promoting activities and events.

Chair of Service and Outreach:
To provide opportunities for members of Newman to be Christ’s hands and feet on this earth, and to see and reflect upon experiencing Christ in others.
To decide upon community involvement in service and outreach activities. To designate leadership for each service activity. To organize service and outreach activities. To assist in the planning and implementation of the service learning retreats held each academic year.

Chair of Freshman Welcoming and Outreach:
To meet incoming first year students and to help them feel that Newman can be a home away from home while they are at RIT. To plan and implement outreach to first year students at RIT/NTID. Participate in Welcome Days at the Gordon Fieldhouse at the Newman Table. Plan, designate leadership and carry out a welcome day for Newman students early in the first semester as well as follow up to help first year students and transfer students feel welcome at Newman.

Chair of Spirituality and Liturgy:
To organize liturgical events so that all members can participate fully in the life of the Catholic Church here at RIT. To plan and implement and designate leadership for retreats and opportunities for spiritual growth. To assist and train liturgical ministers and with the liturgy team assist with Holy Days and special liturgical celebrations.

Chair of Collaboration with NTID:
To be an inclusive community that strives to help all feel welcome and a valued member of the Body of Christ.
To integrate and welcome NTID students into the Newman community as well as raise awareness of deaf and hard of hearing culture and its issues. To plan and implement connections and events specifically for NTID students.

Chair of Media and Communications:
To help the Newman community share the gospel more fully with RIT and the world through social media, advertising and other ways people communicate. To work with the webmaster on website updates and development. To integrate Facebook and Twitter into our outreach efforts. To designate leadership and update social media daily/weekly, to advertise Newman events through RIT’s common channels (posters and emails).

The Chaplain/Associate Director of Newman
will be considered an additional, non-elected officer of the Executive Board, The Chaplain/Associate Director and/or his/her representative(s) will attend meetings as outlined in Article 5. For the remainder of this document, the Chaplain/Associate Director will be referred to as Chaplain.

Article 5 – Meetings

Section 1
The President, Vice President and Secretary will meet weekly. Twice a month, these meetings will include the entire Executive Board. Chair-people of committees will hold committee meetings twice a month, during the weeks the entire Executive Board does not meet.

Section 2
The Chaplain convenes over the Executive Board in consultation with its members. The Chaplain is considered a non-elected office of the Executive Board as designated
in Article 4.

Section 3
Decisions shall be made by consensus, or if necessary, by vote with a simple majority vote, except for Constitutional amendments, which shall be made under the guidelines of Article 9. Each member of the Executive Board has one equal vote.

Section 4
Two thirds of the total membership of Executive Board will constitute a quorum. Meetings of the Executive Board are open and the times of said meetings shall be publicized.

Article 6 – Elections

Section 1
Nominations and elections will be held once a year, unless a vacancy occurs. Elections will be held on what is referred to as Election Sunday during second semester.

Section 2
All active undergraduates may run for office.

Section 3
The Election Chair will be designated by the Chaplain. The Election Chair is responsible for creating the nomination application, the ballot as well as counting votes and notifying all on the ballot, current officers, community members and the Chaplain of the results. No candidate running in the election may participate in any step of this process. Those who assist in the counting of votes, the Election Chair included, shall be referred to as the counters.

Section 4
All those wishing to run for office may self-nominate or may be nominated for the election. Nominations shall be filed in writing to the Election Chair. For a nominee to become a candidate in the running and be included on the ballot, they must submit an application.

Section 5
Only RIT undergraduates are eligible to cast a single ballot consisting of their choice of the candidates from all those on the ballot. The election will be held over three days, one of the days being Election Sunday when ballots will be available at the weekend liturgies.

Section 6
The final outcome will be determined by popular vote. If there is a tie, the Chaplain will make the final determination based upon the candidate’s application.

Section 7
The positions of President, Vice President and Secretary can only be filled by students who will be on campus during the year of service. If a committee chairperson will be on co-op or study abroad for one semester during the year of service as a member of Executive Board, this should be noted on the application. Two chair persons will be elected and they will serve as co-chairs for that year. The candidates with the two top scores will hold the position. A member on co-op or study abroad will be non-voting but may be sent Executive Board communications during their time off campus.

Section 8
If a vacant Executive Board position arises after an election, the Executive Board will decide with a unanimous decision on a replacement for the remainder of the term.

Article 7- General Powers and Responsibilities

Section 1
Officers are the elected representatives of Newman. They must attempt to identify and meet the needs of Newman through this ministry. Each officer must attend meetings during his or her term as described in Article 5.
Officers should support and participate in Newman activities to promote the visibility of Executive Board activities, events and functions on campus.
Officers are to support and assist each other in a cooperative and in good faith for the common good.
Committees will be formed to help fulfill their responsibilities and to meet the needs of the community. There is no limit to the number of people who can identify as part of a committee, nor to the number of committees a Newman member can belong
to at one time.

Section 2
Officers should act as formal liaisons within the Newman committees and groups based on their strengths, interests and involvements.

Article 8

Pre-Semester Planning Retreat, Mid-Semester Review, Semester-End/Transition Meeting

Section 1
The pre-semester planning retreat , mid-semester review and semester–end transition meeting shall each be planned by the President of the Executive Board prior to the beginning of, half way through, and near the close of each semester.
The pre-semester planning retreat shall promote teambuilding and cohesion among the officers. The retreat shall consist of brainstorming, goal setting, and calendar discussions.
The mid-semester review may take place during a regular Executive Board meeting, and will consist of each officer discussing the ministry they have done thus far, along with the work their committee/they will do for the rest of the semester. Each officer will outline how the ministry they have done and the ministry they plan to do fulfills the requirements set for the position in this document.
The semester-end/transition meeting shall be attended by all current Executive Board members, as well as incoming officers for the following year’s Executive Board. This meeting shall consist of a reflection and assessment on the semester/year programming. Incoming Executive Board members are encouraged to meet with the current officer in their position.

Article 9

Section 1
If a member of the Executive Board fails to fulfill their duties as described in the constitution, they are to be approached first by the President, then by the Chaplain. If this process has been completed and no improvement is shown, members of the Executive board may remove the officer by a 2/3 majority vote.

Section 2
Any three members of Newman may propose an amendment by filing it in writing with the Vice President; such amendments are to be discussed and voted on at the next Executive Board meeting.

Section 3
The Vice President has the responsibility of ensuring that proposed amendments are discussed and voted on within a reasonable period of time. If necessary, the Vice President shall have power to call an Executive Board meeting (either online/email) when agreed to by the Chaplain specifically for the purpose of discussing and voting on a proposed amendment or pertinent issues of importance to the community.

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