Tiger Stripes

Tiger Stripes Ministry Program is a servant leadership development program that calls us to look inward so that we can go outward to serve and love those who live on the margins of society.  Designed for young people eager to create a better world, Tiger Stripes teaches and models leadership within the context of community service and outreach.

Just like the stripes on RIT’s mascot, the tiger, each human is a unique and wonderful creation of God.  We begin to appreciate this, and know ourselves most wholly in the context of community.  Focusing on the dignity of each person, making no distinctions, we begin to walk with others and explore our faith, deepening our relationship with God, together.  Ministering at Bethany House, Nativity Prep and Hope Hall, students are able to become servants, and in a sustainable model of development, servants are empowered to become servant leaders.


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Bethany House is a Catholic worker house of hospitality, providing shelter for homeless women and children without expecting payment through Social Services; all of their support is through donations.

Victoria Lake: ”I love the experience of sitting down with the people of Bethany House and talking about their lives and experiences. The people there are no different than us and I think they just want to talk with others in an atmosphere of equality and respectfulness. I will continue to return to Bethany House to share a meal in such a lovely environment that the residents and house volunteers have created.”


Nativity Preparatory Academy is a co-institutional middle school, serving at-risk youth in the inner city and engages the students in a faith-based, rigorous and challenging academic program in a caring environment.

Greg Koszkul: “Seeing the kids’ smiles is priceless; it makes me happy knowing that I can help out in the simplest of ways and make a difference in my community.  I get as much out of it as the students at Nativity.”


Hope Hall is a school for children who have been determined to be “difficult or impossible to teach” based on traditional school standards.  Specifically designed for children with central auditory processing delays and/or attention deficit disorder, Hope Hall provides a multi-sensory approach to learning.

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