Where do I start?

If you’ve never been here and aren’t sure where to begin, try one of our events. All are welcome, whether you’re catholic, non-catholic, RIT, non-RIT, member or non-member!

Visit us at any time!

You can find us in the Schmitt Interfaith Center which is located in the center of campus on the quarter mile.  The Interfaith Center is connected to the Campus Center and Student Alumni Union.

The Newman Catholic Community’s office is in the Center for Spirituality and Religious Life, office number 1412.

You are always welcome to stop by…you can always find a bowl of lollipops outside of the SRL door!

Come to mass

Join us for any mass. It lasts about an hour. You can even bring friends and family!

Attend a special event

Do you like milkshakes? Join us for our Milkshake Mass!  How about coffee?  Agape Latte is a great event for coffee, treats, and inspiration!  Feeling adventurous?  We’ll sometimes take field trips. Want to make a difference?  Help us live the Gospel and serve others by joining us in a service opportunity.  Want to bond with others through prayer and discussion?  Try out an Eve Away @ RIT Retreat.  Want to explore questions about life and purpose?  Try Alpha!  Hungry?  We almost always serve some kind of food or treats at events!  There is something for everyone at RIT Newman, and we want you to join our family!  Want to be involved in Ecumenical or Interfaith dialogue and worship?  We will help you get involved in such activities!

Speak to us

Call us…email us…visit us…we want to answer your questions!  Maybe you’re not quite sure about jumping right in at an event, so come have a coffee with Kim and see if it’s for you!

Ready to join our Newman family?

Follow these links for STUDENT REGISTRATION or LOCAL RESIDENT REGISTRATION to get on our email list!